Là, c’est Daesh!

As the Syrian revolt against Bashar al-Assad reaches its fifth anniversary next March, Lebanon is teetering. In the heart of this fragile country, threatened from the outside as well as the inside, Christians are taking up arms. They defend their communities, organise patrols, control Syrian refugees and impose a curfew on them. Alone, with the help of Christian parties. Or with the support of Hezbollah!

In the training camps of the Shiite political movement: Christians, Druze and Sunnis. New recruits who will soon join the Resistance Brigades. In a precarious situation both in terms of security and finances, these Christian militias receive weapons and a salary of about 1,500 dollars per month. This commitment, this armament is supported by the Free Patriotic Movement (CPL) of Michel Aoun, member of the March 8 Alliance led by Hezbollah. However, in the face of such an alliance, the Christian community is not unanimous. And the 14 March Forces, which includes the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb, see a danger. That of seeing the embers of the civil war ignite again.
In the Beka valley, on the eastern border with Syria, the Christians are not giving up. Associations such as Al-Nawraj are fighting against defeatism and helping small Christian villages to survive and keep a rural and social life despite everything. Despite the threats and pro-Islamic State slogans sprayed on churches and schools. Despite the growing presence of the al-Nosra Front. Despite the fighting that is getting closer.