« Unwanted » at the Manifesto Festival in Toulouse

A small glimpse of my work on unwanted pregnancies in the Ivory Coast and the DRC carried out for Médecins du Monde France exhibited at the Festival Manifesto in Toulouse until October 3rd. This is the first step of my long term project throughout the world…

The story of Jacqueline, who became pregnant at the age of 17, is common here in Soubré, Ivory Coast. She was only in ninth grade and she did not want a child. Her only dream was to continue her schooling to become a teacher. However, she saw her dreams shattered when she had consensual but unprotected sex with a classmate. She knew nothing about contraceptive methods. She had never used a condom or heard of pills. Disowned and thrown out on the street by her parents, she found refuge with her grandmother. With the help of Médecins du Monde France, she will benefit from medical and psycho-social follow-up throughout her pregnancy. Since then she has had her little Julien and has been able to go back to school. Ivory Coast, September, 25 2018. © OLIVIER PAPEGNIES