Publication in the magazine « Arbitrer » In the dark world of Waterloo

An immersion into the heart of the Waterloo battle with Napoleon’s 7th line infantry regiment. Captured by Olivier Papegnies 

“If some battles succeeded in changing the course of a war, Waterloo completely altered that of History, marking the end of an extraordinary odyssey and paving the way towards a new era in Europe and across the world” – Waterloo: The Battle For Modern Europe by Andrew Roberts 

June 2015. Waterloo remains synonymous with the downfall of him who was crowned by his enemies ‘The Ogre of Corsica’: Napoleon Bonaparte. 

On this celebratory year marking Waterloo’s bicentenary, a historical event organised in Belgium took place. In the open, thousands of participants contributed to reenacting this memorable, epic clash: the battle that shook Europe and the World. © OLIVIER PAPEGNIES